Management – Corporate Governance

  • In order to benefit successfully from international financial planning your team on the ground should be qualified to act on your behalf in the Netherlands
  • Strategic decisions by the Dutch entity should be taken ‘on the ground’ in the Netherlands as much as practically possible
  • This should be substantiated by a infrastructure and a (co-)director with the required experience and knowledge
  • Dutch transfer pricing rules insist a/o on Netherlands resident directors
  • Corporate Governance improves considerably by adding an Independent Director to the managing board
  • Dutch management should be able to efficiently co-operate with all parties concerned for the successful setup and maintenance of your corporate structure and transactions involved


IMT is a co-operation of partners that act as directors and supervisory directors of Dutch companies and as intermediary it offers clients a range of highly educated and very experienced directors from a large variety of industries and business sectors, such as Financial Services, Real Estate, Private Equity, IT, Aerospace, Energy.

The role of a professional director is of great importance, not only because of the improvement in good corporate governance, but also as support of the place of effective management and control of a company. The board of directors should be sufficiently educated and experienced to oversee and interpret the transactions at hand. IMT and its partners offer guidance and support on managerial and organisational matters especially when setting up and further developing your business in the Netherlands.

IMT has a continuously growing group of highly qualified partners with years of experience in their fields of expertise, be it audit, accounting, banking, high tech, or otherwise. IMT maintains a strict client acceptance policy and due diligence procedure, based on the guidelines from the European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (Ecoda), where professionalism, integrity and helpfulness are key, as evidenced by its Code of Conduct, to which all its partners subscribe.

IMT Central Point of Contact

IMT not only is the central back office for its partners, but functions also as point of contact for all parties involved.

IMT’s partners all have at least a Master’s Degree in their fields of expertise from a Dutch University, often strengthened with additional qualifications.

Over the years they generally have gained experience with multinationals and have developed extensive knowledge in their business.

IMT’s partners subscribe to its Code of Conduct and enjoy internal and external training programs to keep their relevant knowledge up to date.

IMT strives all its partners to become member of the Dutch Association of (Supervisory) Directors.