Our Partners

Being a director is all about working with the Company, its group and their advisors, understanding their requirements and assisting in obtaining maximum results.

Our partners are confident, articulate and driven individuals who enjoy challenges. They combine strong intellect with sound analytical and commercial abilities, making use of their qualifications and business background with managerial experience, all at competitive prices.

The following partners are currently available. Other available candidates’ C.V.’s can be shared upon request.

Paul van Kempen

Spec: tech & general management
Industries: Aerospace, PERE, Energy, Logistics, Pharma, Infrastructure, MNE’s

Paul Lamberts

(Luxembourg resident)
Industries: PERE, Infrastructure, Energy, MNE’s, Funds

Pieter Bolland

Spec: legal & general management
Industries: PE, MNE’s

Roderick Reijnaert

Spec: general management
Industries: Banks, ICT, Debt, MNE’s

Zwier van Puijenbroek

Spec: finance & general management
Industries: Pharma, Financial services, ICT, MNE’s

Peter van Leeuwen

Spec: finance & general management
Industries: Banks, Insurance, MNE’s

Ingrid Arets – de Vries

Project Manager
Business Relocation Services

Pieter Arets

Spec: general management
Industries: Energy, Logistics, PERE, MNE’s

Peter Mertens

Spec: admin, tax, & general management
Industries: Family Offices

Charles Mander

Spec: Strategy & Finance
Industries: insurance, mobility, consultancy

Frank Jonk

Spec: Finance, audit and general management
Industries: Oil&Gas, HR/Recruitment, Engineering consultancy, MNE

Michel Schoenmakers

Spec: Governance, Strategy & Legal
Industries: HNWI, MNE