C.V. Paul Lamberts

Paul Lamberts was engaged in management functions within companies in multiple jurisdictions, including the Netherlands and Luxembourg, providing services to international corporate groups and investment funds. In the course of his career he was responsible for collecting funds in various assets like shares (participations), bonds, (distressed) debt, real estate, respecting various levels of risk diversification. He has management experience of over 20 years in international mergers and acquisitions, group restructuring and corporate finance and has the decision making competences to adequately monitor and develop the activities and good standing of business.

Mr. Lamberts has a master’s degree in tax law from the reputed Tilburg University (the Netherlands) and specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions at Harvard University (USA) as Graduate in Business Management and Finance. He is accredited by the CSSF (Luxembourg) and by BaFin (Germany) and is licensed in Luxembourg as Economic Advisor. He is also a Member of the Luxembourg Institute of Directors (ILA), The Dutch Association for (supervisory-) Directors (NCD), Member of the International Bar Association (IBA) and Member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and is a PhD candidate at Maastricht University (the Netherlands).

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