C.V. Paul van Kempen

Paul van Kempen is Managing Director of the high-tech consulting company KEC and Operational Director of the World Class Maintenance foundation in The Netherlands. He holds a MSc. in Aerospace Engineering (Delft University of Technology, 1992). His career started in aerospace: as project manager he was involved in many upstream projects like the development and manufacturing of the on-board computers for the International Space Station (ESA project award in 1997 for ‘value European contribution to Space Station’) and downstream projects like the management of primary rainforests based on satellite radar imagery.

Currently, he is working in various high-tech and innovative domains, with an interest for the full product lifecycle from design up till sustainment and disposal. He is programme director of various projects and initiatives geared towards accelerating innovations into valuable applications and business cases for sectors like aerospace, process industry, energy, defence, pharma, agro & food, infrastructure, maritime and high-tech.

Mr. van Kempen has also been involved as strategy consultant to regional and national government and companies regarding the design and development of high tech campuses and real estate for aerospace, maintenance, process industry and health care.

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