Administration and accounting

We perform a variety of financial, accounting, tax and business services and offer you maximum flexibility by allowing you to call on us for any of the services we offer as required. Below are the details on each of the services you will have at your disposal if you choose IMT International Management B.V. as your service provider.

  • Accounting services
  • VAT returns
  • Corporate tax returns
  • Payroll tax/Dividend tax returns
  • Limited legal services and relocation services

IMT Online App

Unique to IMT is that you can daily follow and monitor the progress of the bookkeeping of your company by Logging In to our secure Client Portal on our website. You can even upload your invoices and other information to this secure digital environment for us to process. Your bookkeeping will always be up to date. The app is also available for iPhone/iPad. The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play.


Bookkeeping & Accounting

Bookkeeping is the most basic of all accounting functions. Bookkeeping involves maintaining accurate and updated records of all of your company’s financial activity. This includes bank records, tax filings, payroll records, purchase and sale records, and regulatory filings. These records are essential to regulatory compliance. Proper bookkeeping makes other accounting functions, such as audits, payroll, and tax preparation, much simpler and less time consuming. IMT has decades of experience in administration through software such as Visma, Unit4, Exact, AFAS and Workday. We are confident that a swift adaptation for any other software package is feasible.

Accounting services

We can provide accounting services and produce and maintain the accounting book of record for the Clients and will be responsible for the following, if required:

  • Maintain the Chart of Accounts in your preferred software package;
  • General accounting bookkeeping responsibility;
  • Prepare and post routine accounting entries related to each Client, including capital transactions between group entities;
  • Prepare quarterly accruals for each Client including intercompany loan interest accruals;
  • Perform cash reconciliations;
  • Closing the books monthly by the fifth Business Day;
  • Post quarterly fair value adjustment entries to be provided by Client, if required;
  • Maintain the financing structure chart quarterly;
  • Invoice processing;
  • Invoices processed on a weekly base (some invoices processed using purchase orders);
  • Assist in setting up new vendors as needed;
  • Other cash movements, such as distributions, payments of interest and joint venture capital call payments, to be recorded;
  • Assistance with the annual corporate costs budgeting process;
  • Support in uploading annual corporate costs budgets;
  • Quarterly management reporting, including budget versus actual analysis and other customary reports, prepared for each Client by the end of the third Business Day for review;
  • Year-end closing and reconciliation and preparation of financial statements;
  • Annual statutory financial statements prepared for each Client in accordance with Dutch GAAP;
  • Interface with the Clients’ auditor and support the annual audit process, including audit planning, preparation of the financial statements and responding to audit queries raised during field work, through to the finalisation of the audit;
  • Coordinate with, and deliver data to internal audit bodies as needed;
  • Filing of the financial statements and other regulatory reporting in accordance with Dutch regulations.

VAT compliance services and other tax services

  • Bookkeeping that adheres to Dutch tax and VAT requirements;
  • Preparation and filing of the monthly and annual VAT returns, including reconciliation with general ledger/financial statements;
  • Assessment of percentage for VAT deduction and preparation of underlying documentation;
  • Ongoing corrections of VAT deduction due to change in percentage of VAT deduction;
  • Invoice spot-checks for VAT compliance regarding significant amount for VAT deduction;
  • Invoice checks regarding to monthly sales, including ensuring compliance with VAT requirements and timely issuance of invoices (including invoices issued by recipient of supply in case of self-billing);
  • Assistance in making VAT payments and/or setting up direct debit scheme, as applicable;
  • Provision of underlying workpapers;
  • Support with tax authority requests and during tax authority audits;
  • Provision of information to Client’s group direct tax compliance service provider to enable preparation of the direct tax returns;
  • Preparation of quarterly and year-end current and deferred corporate income tax provisions.

Tax Compliance etc.

Commercial tax preparation can be extremely complex. Records and submissions must be prepared carefully in order to minimize your risk of unforeseen tax liabilities, fees, or audits. Our team will work with you to prepare complete and accurate corporate tax filings on an annual basis.

Corporate Legal and Relocation Services

  • Provision of registered office address with meeting room facilities in the Netherlands;
  • Receipt and forwarding of official mail and documents to relevant recipients;
  • Filing of annual accounts at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK);
  • Preparation of legal documentation such as board and shareholders’ meetings to take place in the NL and maintenance of the minutes;
  • All company documentation to be in dual language, English and Dutch, if it is required to maintain company books in Dutch;
  • Legal and corporate record keeping and storage of company minute books etc and other documents that subject to legal requirements must be kept in the NL;
  • Communication and filing with the Dutch company registry as needed and procure company certificates and other registry extracts as needed.


We offer our accounting services on a time-and-material basis. This allows you to take advantage of any of our services as needed, and prevents you from paying fees for services that you may only use from time to time. Our pricing is very competitive, our hourly rates are significantly lower than the big administration firms.

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